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Yes, you can buy your fishing license from Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority. click here to purchase fishing license online:
Trolling, fly fishing, blue water fiishing, river fishing or Bait fishing, you're apt to catch big grouper, cobia, kingfish, wahoo, king macherel, jack crevalles, and prize snapper, including the ubiquitous yellowtail and the brawling cubera. just to name a few...`
The country has an unmatched combination of environmental factors that come together to create the ideal habitat for a myriad of saltwater game fish. The most outstanding attribute is the Barrier Reef, that is second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Eight to forty miles off the coast, an intricate chain of mangrove studded islands and cayes provide a habitat for a coral ecosystem. Coral water species demand a strict set of environmental criteria in order to develop. This is why large barrier reefs such as the Barrier Reef are not common.
Although most fish species can be found in Belizean waters year-round, the ideal months for fishing are May, June and July, according to the Belize Tourism Board's website. Fishing success is greatest during those months, a period when cold fronts have stopped passing through local waters and the sun is out for long hours every day.
Temperatures throughout the year range from 70-95 degrees (average 84). Water temperatures average 78-80 degrees in the winter and 83 degrees in the summer. A comfortable southeasterly trade wind blows throughout most of the year, and pick up in March and April. June begins the “rainy season” in Belize but this is primarily to the mainland and has little effect on the offshore atolls. Fall weather is generally wonderful with pleasant temperatures and mild winds; however, the weather can occasionally be dominated by “northers'” or cold fronts.

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