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Nauti by Nature is the name of Jermain's flats boat, he figured the name could go much further representing and defining his little company Nauti by Nature.

At Nauti by Nature, the name says it all. You could customize your fishing vacation incorporating various types of fishing, snorkeling, island hopping or even add camping and stay the Nauti way. Captain Jermain is familiar with the entire territorial waters of Belize and can offer a wide range of custom sea sports. Main fishing areas are around Placencia and Belize City

All tours are carried out with the finest in fishing tackle and techniques. Traditional methods and safety is our guidelines in which this company was built.

A day tour is from 6am to 4pm, gears, lunch and various refreshments included, Come build your dream vacation

Placencia Fishing Guide

Captain Jermaine Cain “Big Fish”, a 30 years seasoned by the most versatile legends that travelled these waters. This broad knowledge comes from the fishing village of Placencia; along with insight from many different sea fearers locally and internationally, as he is well known. He is a third generation Westby fishing guide, ex-marine pilot, captain, fisherman and local marine consultant. Jermaine is a licensed fishing guide and captain by the Belize Fisheries Deparment.

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Born in Belize City, where he resides and working the sea full time covering all Belize’s territorial waters. All through school his time was shared with family in Placencia and on various Islands all over the Country, as his entire family as far back all are seamen.

Overtime this created an extensive knowledge of our ports, atolls and entire coastal waters. Trained by the good old school, he is capable of providing safe, professional tours and charters with a wealth of knowledge left behind by his elders. All this made possible by the perseverance and head work of a dedicated seamen.

After 10 years as a marine pilot between Big Creek and mostly Belize City port, he decided to follow my passion and get back on the waters.

Closer family and mentor includes but not limited to Joel, Carlton, David Charles “Brads”, Lincoln, Hopetown and Noel Westby. Others the Leslie and Faux family of Placencia; Thanks to all that contributed to our cause, Nauti By Nature, wouldn’t have it any other way.

In everything you do, it should have your best input to produce the best results. This is what drives Nauti by Nature every day on every tour. It’s our responsibility to provide the best fishing charter the day and weather would allow, with proper strategic planning on every pursuit.

My Family made a name in this business and I intend to make them proud. Prestige is my operational level, learning is an opportunity. Overtime experience, techniques and my fleet will grow to greater levels. This is my world and I’m at home. There’s no limit as to how far this little business can go.

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